Gimme 20

Wash your hands!

About Gimme 20

Providing hospitals with the tools to improve their compliance with hand hygiene.


Gimme 20 - generation 1


This system includes a hand-motion activated count down timer, to be placed by bathroom sinks. It counts down the recommended 20 seconds appropriate for hand hygiene. This unit is appropriate for use in the home, office, restaurant or other business bathroom areas. It is simple to install, cleanable, reliable and customizable.




Gimme 20 - generation 2

This system is based on the same concept as the first generation, but is suitable for sophisticated health care environments. The Gimme 20 device is equipped with a proximity detector, to allow the touch-less identification of a health care worker, and to allow identification of the patient with whom the health care worker is interacting. The Gimme 20 system audits every interaction and ensures that all health care workers are compliant with international standards for hand hygiene, as proposed by WHO- The World Health Organization.


Infection control prevention/control consulting





Marlboro Medical Devices LLC is dedicated to the memory of the 2,000,000 patients per year, in US hospitals, who suffer from preventable, hospital acquired infections.

The Gimme 20 name is an homage to the Marines and their drill sargeants, as portrayed by the fictional TV characters, Gomer Pyle and the Sarge, enforcing compliance with military discipline by making recruits perform 20 push ups.

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